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Traffic Exchanges offer 24 hour seven days a week traffic at very affordable costs. In addition to driving traffic to your website you can turn around and sell the traffic to others having them pay YOU so you can advertise to them.

This Traffic Exchange offers 4,000 visitors to your website each month for only $10 per month. Better yet turn around and sell the service and you get to keep the $10. Over a period of months I have built a nice monthly residual income of $300 to $350 per month – more than paying for my $10 per month I pay to send 4,000 visitors to my Big Ticket JV 2 Tier Affiliate Website.

Explosive Traffic
Explosive Traffic is a traffic co-op managed by a friendly admin and owner John Bell. John Bell is the owner of Insidmal Design LLC and he owns a suite of top quality programs targeted towards bringing quality traffic to your MLM Multi-Level Network Marketing Opportunity websites.

This is a perfect FEEDER PROGRAM – DOWNLINE BUILDER… There are thousands, even millions of entrepreneurs looking for leads to build their business. When you offer those millions a FREE membership in Explosive Traffic ( LIKE I’M DOING FOR YOU RIGHT NOW ) you have just generated a lead for YOUR business – WOW!

Let me ask you a question… What do 99% of those working online want? NO – they do NOT want to join another opportunity! They want LEADS – PROSPECTS to join their money making opportunity. So why do you spend your time and money trying to convince someone to join YOUR money making opportunity?


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Why not offer what those 99% are looking for – “TRAFFIC & LEADS” by giving away a FREE membership in a lead generating system like Explosive Traffic. Once they join you NOW have a warm and fuzzy prospect who may be interested in YOUR money making opportunity down the road.

IT’S CALLED ATTRACTION MARKETING – Attract a prospect into YOUR lead generating system by giving away a FREE lead generating system. Then send emails using Explosive Traffic’s DOWNLINE MAILER.

In the back office of your Explosive Traffic account you will have a DOWNLINE MAILER. Email your BEST business offer to your downline for FREE. If, for some reason, they elect to ignore your offers NOT A PROBLEM! You will make 50% commissions from that prospect when he/she joins for FREE then upgrades through YOUR affiliate link in your Mall.

YES…Every day I receive email notifications “I GOT PAID” from people who ignore my business offers!

Why do I receive daily email notifications “I GOT PAID”?

YES – YOU GUESSED IT… I promote my Explosive Traffic Affiliate link in articles, blogs, Facebook Postings etc. I have made thousands of dollars and generated thousands of warm and fuzzy leads by promoting this Explosive Traffic throughout the internet and you can do the same.
Hey… “WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER” and pick-up your free membership now!


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